Sound Vitamins for Body and Mind

The Method
Sound Vitamins is an audio based method of rehabilitation and recreation in age care. The concept is built on emotionally meaningful content that can be presented in the Sound Vitamins sessions. Our clients affirm that the method enables empowerment of seniors.

Benefits of Sound Vitamins Method
Sound Vitamins Therapy provides clear benefits for the entire caregiving community. The client is given quality care boosting mental and physical well-being through interactions and the sharing of emotionally meaningful memories. Care practitioners can commit to high standards and ethics of care with a relatively low degree of preparation.

About Us
Sentina is a family owned business based in the Helsinki Capital Region. Our clients are leading service providers in the public and private sectors of geriatric care. Sound Vitamins concept has empowered the elderly since 2000. Research has shown the benefits it has on the physical and mental well-being of seniors.

Contact us:

Eija Lämsä
+358 44 794 9920

Kari Mikkonen
Customer and service development
+358 40 352 9898

Anna Merjamaa
Customer and service development
+358 44 754 5522

Mira Rodas
Customer and service development
+358 44 769 6616
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